Our value proposition

Bajatrace protects your brand and clients. In case of a product recall, we provide you with the chance to quickly isolate the source and be safe of sanitary health problems and control quality. The speed in which you can track your products will greatly reduce your exposure risk and the production costs involved in recall.

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Bajatrace offers tracking and tracing services for your perishable products through the supply chain in real time. Tracking and traceability systems of Bajatrace allow the export sector of perishables (fruit and vegetables, meat, seafood) to comply with the recommended requirements for the industry in traceability (Produce Traceability Initiative - PTI), as well as providing tools for real-time information that enable you to have visibility into your inventories and supply chain, achieving a number of extra benefits in your operations and results as well as measuring the efficiency of your service providers.

Period for compliance with ¨Food Safety Modernization Act¨


Compliance with standards

  • Based in PTI (Produce Traceability Initiative)
  • In validation process for GTS (Global Traceability Standards GS1)

Inventory control and visibility in real time

  • In package
  • In transit
  • In distribution

Real time visibility into the supply chain

  • Supply chain visibility from package to distribution
  • Generating information for cargo manifest
  • Electronic transmission of information
  • Electronic system that eliminates the manual input of information
  • Integrate current logistic systems
  • Package process control, inventory, shipping and reception