We offer Software Engineering and Development for Business. With more that 25 years of experience in multiple industries and verticals, we quickly undesrtand the business requirements and translate those into efficient software applications.
We use Agil software development methodologies (SCRUM), our staff is certified and Scrum Master and in the technologies that we use to develop helping us to deliver quality software in short periods..

  • Business Software Development
  • .Net y Azure Specialists.
  • Mobile Development for Windows Mobile, Android y iOS
  • Lagacy Multivalue Specialists (RocketUnidata, Universe, Pick Basic, SB+)
  • Integration of Multivalue platforms with .NET using Redback, Uniobjects, DesignBais.
  • Epicor Software customization

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Nearshore Outsourcing

Bajalogics offers NearShore programming services for the .NET and Multivalue platforms. When talking about Global Outsourcing, Mexico, with its NearShore approach, is positioned in a completely different playing field for global outsourcing. Mexico based companies set aside from the plethora of India based vendors, followed by newcomers from China and Russia. Mexico’s NearShore value proposition is based on world-class services, low risk outsourcing, convenience and cost effectiveness.